Here are some companies and projects which I think are great and I try to be involved with as much as I can:

Arts Emergency: ‘the alternative old boy’s network’. Arts Emergency is a social justice charity which creates mentorship opportunities for young people who aren’t privileged, connecting them to people who are professionals in their field of interest.  It’s a campaign, fighting against the idea that art is an elite pursuit and the detrimental impact of arts education cuts and rising tuition fees. Visit the Arts Emergency Website. 

Girl Gang Manchester: support your local Girl Gang! Girl Gang Manchester is a collective of female artists, activists, academics and party instigators who produce accessible, fun and meaningful events with masses of passion and creative flair.  Visit the Girl Gang Manchester Website

RE:CON: Contact’s Young Programmer and Producer Scheme.  This was a total game changer for me when I took part in its first incarnation 2010-2011. I recommend it to young people in Manchester who want to self-produce or create events. Visit the RE:CON webpage.  

Ways to support refugees: over the last couple of years I’ve become concerned about the treatment and rhetoric around refugees in UK and Europe.  I found that these places were a good starting point – Amnesty International’s free online short course and City of Sanctuary who host conversation clubs with refugees in your local area.