Cap & Dove

Performance host for Cap & Dove: a tiny travelling arts centre, housing a theatre museum and a shop.

In 2021, a Peterloo Legacy project called Cap & Dove toured to the boroughs of Greater Manchester. Cap & Dove was created by lead artist Joshua Sofaer, in collaboration with a collection of artists, designers, makers, crafters, museums leaders, producers, and travelling performers – all from Greater Manchester. Find out more:  here.

I hosted the Cap & Dove performance ensemble (Afreena Islam, Anna FC Smith, Chanje Kunda, Mark Croasdale and Richard Shields, also featuring Klaire Doyle, Megan Griffith and Steph Reynolds) – pedalling our personal political wares to members of the public who were passing by. In gold lame gloves and apron – very loosely inspired by The Manic Maid from The Masque of Anarchy – I also gave tour guides around the tiny arts centre, hosted local speakers, and occasionally made sales from the little shop on the side.