Islington Mill Art Academy 2018-2019

Islington Mill Art Academy is a free peer-led art school. I was a member of IMAA’s yearlong intensive 2018-2019, along with: Hanaa Cara, Niki Colclough, Nancy Collantine, Andy Hicklin, Thea Luckcock, Patrick O’Donnell, Rebecca Smith, Heidi Taylor-Wood, Ruby Unsworth, Steph Vickers, Daniel Wiltshire, Donna Wood. We were based in Salford’s Islington Mill.

During this year, Islington Mill directors (Bill, Morry, Rachel & Rivca) gifted the school a dedicated free a studio and the space to develop a curriculum, host exhibitions, talks, crits and learn whatever it is we wanted the space to learn.

During that time I started a party with The Cloakroom, designed Have You Tried Screaming Your Heart Out and Pretending to be Cher? and hosted a goodbye with People and Other Living and Dead Things and the Matter In Between. I also really got into hosting events and discussions.

At the end of the year I awarded myself an FA in Personal Practice.

For more information see IMAA online. For documentation,  see Instagram account.