People and Other Living and Dead Things and the Matter In Between

A ritual of thank you, thank you, thank you.

Visitors are invited to pick up a card, write a thank you to anything and place them on the ground. Thank yous are written for the big stuff and little stuff and stuff that goes unnoticed. We thank gestures, movements, people, patience, presence, girly swots, ecosystems, microbiology, electromagnetics, election victories, cats, worms, whales, the person who gave you that recipe, the person who said you could stay on their sofa, the person who fixed your haircut… We thank people, other living and dead things and the matter in between.

The cards are made from seed paper. After exhibitions they are planted in local patches of ground.

I presented POLADTATMIB at Islington Mill ‘All We Have’ Exhibition (2019), at the end of a year with IMAA, and once again during a salon discussion about ‘Soul’ at Cambridge Junction.