The Sustainable Travel Agency


The Sustainable Travel Agency is a participatory public performance featuring environmentally sustainable holiday excursions, red blazers and warm reassuring smiles. 

When was the last time you had a break? I think we could all do with one. Between national strikes, the cost of living crisis and the environmental apocalypse, it feels like we’ve got a lot on at the moment. Just a lot of pressure to do the right thing, be responsible, don’t make a mess.

A couple of years ago Jeff Bezos went on holiday in space for 11 minutes. In that time he created the same amount of carbon emissions as the average person across the world does in 10.5 years. More than the lowest billon carbon emitters would in their lifetime.

All of this is to say, sit down would you. Give yourself a moment, I think you deserve a rest. Even if it’s just for 11 minutes.


The Sustainable Travel Agency is a project in development. A scratch version of the project was hosted in Longsight Arts Space 2023, funded by Islington Mill WEAVE – investment from Northern Powerhouse (formerly EU European Regional Development Fund). The shopfront was designed with Lisa Mattocks and Lowri Evans using recycled materials and items sourced in charity shops.