The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom is a place to check in and drop off any unhelpful emotional baggage. Come on in and leave the petty annoyances of the day behind you. Don’t let the driver who cut you up, cut you up – put it down, brush it off and scream into the infinite void. Make room for the bigger stuff to sweat.

How are you in yourself? In your own time, welcome.

The Cloakroom is an entrance space, for people to visit before they enter an exhibition or event. Originally made at Islington Mill – for the Saviours exhibition 2018, The Cloakroom has been redesigned for Girl Gang Manchester’s Spring 2020 exhibition at The Lowry – Everything I Know I Felt. Due to Covid-19, the venue closed 4 days after the exhibition opened – you can find details:  here.

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