With My Ear To The Wall


With My Ear to the Wall is an intimate and tactile audio installation. Inciting empathy, a sense of closeness and an almost voyeuristic curiosity, With My Ear to the Wall is an opportunity to eavesdrop into the tender insights of the lives of strangers. 

Each tumbler is designed to be placed against the wall and shares the voice of a person with experience of health based isolation / extended periods of time spent at home.

With My Ear to the Wall creates ways to help us remain connected to people who are not always in the room and with an urge to listen to perspectives which are at risk of not being heard.


With My Ear to the Wall  is available as a touring installation, or online for remote audiences at: withmyeartothewall.com. For the password, or to ask for a transcript of the text, please email: jenny@jennygaskell.com


Currently featuring Ged, Hannah, Phil, Hope, Paul & Lulu.

Created by: Jenny Gaskell

Creative Technologist and Tumbler Designer: Chris Ball
Graphic and Digital Designer: Lisa Mattocks
Audio Mastering: Serafin Dinges 

North-West Collection created with the support of: Lancaster Arts & Manchester Cares. 

Cambridge collection created with the support of: Cambridge Junction & The Edge.

With My Ear to the Wall was created with support of Lowri Evans, Cambridge Junction, HOME, Lancaster Arts, a-n & Arts Council England 

Premiered in 2021, touring & expanding throughout 2022.