100 Deeds

100 Deeds, not words, rediscovering feminism today

On 4 June 2013 it was a 100 years since Emily Wilding Davison stepped in front of the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby, whilst promoting women’s right to vote.  Some considered her to be an extremist, others a hero.  On the 100 year anniversary of Emily’s deed at Epsom, we launched 100 Deeds to explore what gender equality means today.

In response to the Women’s Social Political Union slogan ‘Deeds Not Words’ we invited 100 members of the public to create and share a deed, to be displayed in museums nationally.  The work of these modern day history makers was shown alongside documentation of Emily’s protest and we are pleased to say that we exceeded our initial ‘100’ target.  We continue to welcome contributions. The original deeds were featured in People’s History Museum, as part of Wonder Women: Radical Manchester & Wilding Festival, with ‘Soundcastle’ London – June 2013.

For more details check out the 100 Deeds website.

100 Deeds was created in collaboration with brilliant friends and artists Art with Heart. 100 Deeds is an ongoing project, watch this space for updates.  100 Deeds would not have been possible without the generous support of the Equity Foundation, People’s History Museum and Wonder Women. 100 Deeds was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and BBC News. It  received contributions from: No More Page 3, Everyday Sexism, Let Toys Be Toys, Bryony Kimmings, Louise Orwin and Bare Reality.

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