Empty Pockets

The zero budget, zero knowledge snooker series.

Empty Pockets is a DIY snooker series, brought to you by unprofessional sports presenters and blag artists – Jenny Gaskell, Chris Delamere and Daniel Gunson. We bring you all the backstage footage with interviews from leading snooker players and anyone who’s willing to talk to us. It is our big break into YouTube stardom and a vehicle for me to woman-spread all over a culture that doesn’t belong to me.

Empty Pockets was born out of really wanting to watch some snooker live and the time I said “in the world of theatre, all you have to do is say ‘I’m a blogger’ and no matter how little experience you have, you get free tickets…” 

One well-pitched email to the manager of World Snooker PR and a catchy theme tune later and we have broadcast backstage from The World Championships & The Player’s Championships, interviewing: Sean Murphy, Stuart Bingham, Mark Allen, Barry Hawkins, Michael White, Ricky Walden, Martin Gould, Eurosport presenter Matt Smith and Chair of World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association – Jason Ferguson.

At one stage we were shortlisted for a commission with BBC 3. Technically speaking, we’re yet to receive an email to say that our pitch has not gone all the way, so hold on to your cues.

Our most popular youtube video has over 500 views, and counting.

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Presented by Jenny Gaskell, Chris Delamere and Daniel Gunson. Filmed by Ismar Badzic: www.glovesandglass.com Edited by Thom Wilson. Theme Tune by Chris Delamere: www.communalbathroom.com Logo by Tom Bullock. 

“Chris is wasted in his job, he should be on the television”

Hilary Gunson Daniel’s Mum

“Empty Pockets is basically my Game of Thrones”

Leo Burtin fan

“This has just solved my life. I am happy now”

Jackie Hagan fan

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